On Monday I received my new toy, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Its a sweet little hand held Linux based computer.
Nokia N810

This will replace the N800 that I posted about back in May. The 810 adds a number of new features and capabilities that the 800 lacked. Most importantly are a GPS, slide out keyboard and support for up to 8gb flash cards. The base memory is already 2gb right out of the box. The 810 uses the same 400mhz arm cpu as the 800. An updated version of the Maemo Linux distribution shows much better polish than the the 800’s did.

The finish and build quality seem excellent compared to most other handhelds I’ve seen. It has very nice brushed aluminium back cover and screen border with silver plastic edges. All in all its a very sharp looking unit.

I’ve spent the last few evenings downloading and installing applications and getting everything configured. With most everything I want installed, I still have plenty of space free for extras like music and picture storage.

Thats enough for now. After all this was just supposed to be a test post. 🙂

By Bill, January 23, 2008, 10:59 pm
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