I spent a little time over the last few days getting Debian linux installed and running on my N810.  This install did not replace the Maemo linux that was already on the 810 but runs on top of it in a chroot.  It runs quite well considering the limited specs of the 810.  I have been watching the Maemo community for a while now.  Quite a few people have installed Debian in place of Maemo or have set up multi boot systems running from their SD cards.  Recently, qole (a senior member of the InternetTabletTalk forums)  packaged a Debian setup that could run from a large file (1.5gb) in a chroot.  This is what I decided to try out.  It took about an hour to do the install.  Most of the time was spent downloading the image file and extracting it.  Once set up, I was able to clean up some of the fluff and make some room for a few more apps.  The image came with Open Office 2.4, Gimp, Iceweasel (firefox) and LXDE already installed. I added Filezilla and a few accessories.  I am really impressed with the look and feel of this setup.  Its hard to believe this is running on a PDA!  Here are a few screenshots of LXDE running on top of Maemo.  Many thanks to qole over at InternetTabletTalk.com for putting this together for those of us that don’t want to take the time to do this the hard way. 🙂

By Bill, November 3, 2008, 3:17 pm
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