Yesterday Apple posted a teaser up on saying “Stay Tuned for an exciting iTunes announcement this morning” and ” Tomorrow will be a day that you will remember forever”.  What could it be ?  Knowing Apple, it’s likely to be a pretty big deal.

Tomorrow has become today and the announcement was: The Beatles are now available on iTunes!  Yawn…  I understand that the Beatles are still a very popular group and that Apple has been unhappy not having them in their library for the past 8ish years but all this hype for just that?  Seems like a bit much to me.  Are we going to have a big announcement every time another artist is added to iTunes ?  I’m pretty sure this day isn’t going to stand out anymore than most work days for me.   This announcement was about as exciting as applesauce. Wake me up when something actually happens.

By Bill, November 16, 2010, 10:55 am
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