This morning I noticed that my personal email inbox was completely empty.  This is very unusual as I generally keep the last few months worth of mail in there before archiving.  After checking the inbox via a few different clients and devices, I attempted to log in via webmail just to see what the server had to say only to find that my website index.php had been hijacked.  I called up my web host and was told, “Yup!  Looks like you’ve been hacked!”.  Turns out however the email issue was unrelated and the admins were working on restoring that already.  Then the support tech says ” I see you have a WordPress install.  What version are you running ?”  My answer: “Not exactly sure.  It’s been a while since I’ve updated.”  I went and checked via the cpanel and found I was still on WordPress 2.7.  Current version is 3.4.  The tech proceeded to give me a bit of grief about not having updated in “Years” and strongly suggested that I do.  So after restoring my index.php from another out-of-date WordPress install, I proceeded to upgrade WordPress to 3.4 and ll of my themes and plugins.  To my surprise, it took a little under an hour to get everything back up and running and looking the same yet all up-to-date.

So anyway, If anybody noticed that this site was down for a day or two, thats the reason why.  I’ll take the blame for letting the site get hacked by not keeping up with the security patches.  Now, I’m off to update the other site…



By Bill, August 9, 2012, 10:09 am
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